Cool and very useful, but there's some serious flaws

Jun 14, 2011 at 5:47 PM

I've really looked forward to leveraging SketchFlow for prototyping my Windows Phone solutions, and this resource will be most helpful!

I might be missing the point or maybe this is actually flaws/missing features:

  1. PanoramaItem width seems to be locked to 432 pixels, even though I make them wider, they get "cropped" and the next item gets put on top. This makes it difficult to mock the people hub or similar experiences that use wider sections in a panorama.
  2. The Panorama Control behaves differently than the original one in Blend, the active Item isn't displayed in the design area, instead I have to hide items to make the next ones appear, and that doesn't actually work that good either due to wrapping behaviors.
  3. I would also really like to have TextBoxMockup and TextBlockMockup in which the margins are appropriately set for WP7 solutions.
  4. A StatusBarMockup would also be really nice. I wrote a simple usercontrol and published it earlier here (, but an official one would be appreciated.

Keep up the great work!


Jun 17, 2011 at 11:27 PM

Hi Johan

Thanks for the feedback!

Some thoughts in answer to the you questions:

1: I saw from the issue tracker you found the answer to question 1 :)
For those of you that are interested the answer is if you select the PanoramaItem then in Common Properties you have the option to set Orientation to Vertical or Horizontal. Set it to Horizontal and you can set the width of the individual PanoramaItem.

2: You have a couple of options here regarding editing and viewing PanoramaItems I've added a short page that looks at that.

3: We didn't go to that level of detail for this release. Talking about text though ;) we did include the WP7fonts sizes and styles as Sketch styles that can be applied easily to your fonts. eg. Select a TextBlock, right click, choose edit style,  apply resource and you'll be able to apply the Phone font resources.

4: Noted :)

Cheers, Jon