The Panorama Control acts differently to the one you find in a normal phone project as by default only the first PanoramaItem is visible on the design surface and at first it is not obvious how you can see the others without building the app.

To work on different PanoramaItems you can use the Visibility property to collapse the PanoramaItem that is live on the design surface when you do this the next PanoramaItem becomes visible on the design surface. You then repeat this process for any additional PanoramaItems you want to edit.

In this example I’ve added a Panorama Control, collapsed the first PanoramaItem and then the second one appears on the design surface.

1   image   image

If at anytime you want to see all the PanoramaItems at the same time make sure they all have their Visibility set to Visible (that might sound obvious but it’s easy to forget if you had them collapsed for a while as you’ve worked on different PanoramaItems!) you can then resize the Panorama Control. This will reveal the other PanoramaItems as you make it larger and you can view the whole Panorama as one. (I’ve added  a background image to make the effect more visible.)

2   3

PLEASE NOTE: Always reset the size of your Panorama Control to its default size BEFORE you build your app and BEFORE you do any additional edits. When you build the app or edit an item all PanoramaItems in the Panorama Control will be resized to the width of your Panorama Control minus 48 pixels.

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